Our Family I started this business during the very hot sommer of 2010, while looking for a cute tennis towel for my daughter.  When I couldn't find one I knew I could make her just what she wanted.  After embroidering a few towels I started getting requests for embroidered cross country towels, specialty golf towels, shirts, bags and baby items.

I have been sewing since high school and love to use it as my creative outlet.  I have really enjoyed making so many new items.  I wish I had the time to make everything I think of or come across.  It is rewarding to start with a few materials and end up with something that is cute, functional and unique.  As all good Southerners I love personalized gifts.  It means so much more when someone took the time to have something made especialy for you.

I am blessed to have three wonderful children and a husband who inspire me to reach higher everyday.  O' Sew Perfect is the perfect way for me to be an at home mom  and run a business.